Internet through SSHnet

This article is for tenants who live in a building where SSHnet is available.

Do I have to arrange internet myself? 

On My SSH (tab 'My accommodation') you'll read how the internet is arranged in your building. Many SSH buildings are connected to SSHnet. The information below is for those tenants living in these buildings. 

Common internet problems

Most tenants report the following problems: 

  • I don't have internet connection
  • The wifi is very slow
  • The television gives an error message
  • The television has a blocky picture
  • I have been quarantined

To solve your internet problems (or al least, to try!), it's important to know where you're living. Below, click on the name of your building. This will take you to a page with information about and solutions for your specific situation. 

Important documents

I have (temporarily) suspended my studies. Can I still use SSHnet? 

If you (temporarily) stop your studies, your account from eduroam will end. The solution is to visit and to create an account. Wherever we offer eduroam, publicroam is also available.