Repair request

How can I submit a repair request?

There’s (almost) nothing more annoying than a broken heating system, a leakage or an internet malfunction! We completely understand. 

  • Urgent matters? Please call 088-7304200. In case of an emergency, call 112 immediately.
  • In less urgent situations, pass on your repair via My SSH and fill out the form step by step. Within five working days, you will receive a message from a contractor or mechanic.

Are you a subtenant? Unfortunately you don't have a tab 'Repair request' on My SSH. The best thing to do is ask the original tenant to submit a repair request with your phone number.

When am I responsible for a repair myself? 

In our onderhouds-ABC you’ll find in which situations a repair is SSH’s responsibility, and when you have to call (and pay) a contractor yourself.

Internet is not working. What to do?

If Internet is not working, please check this page to see if your building is connected to the Internet through SSHnet. If yes, please check the FAQ. Need help? Please send an email to Suggestion: please send the number of your outlet or CPE. This makes the helpdesk able to check what's going wrong. Are you not living in a building with Internet through SSHnet? Check here who your Internet provider is, and who to contact in the event of Internet problems or a malfunction.

What do you mean by urgent? 

By urgent, we mean repairs that must be resolved quickly regarding to the safety of residents. Consider, for example, a situation when there is no hot water, a leakage, a power failure or lift failure. But urgent also means a non-working fire safety provision, dangerous window damage or a situation in which someone accidentally locked himself up. Is there a fire or another dangerous situation? Then call (also) 112.

Can I file a repair request on behalf of my entire dormitory? 

You only file your repair request for yourself. Have you reported a general problem (such as a non-working heating system) and do you know that your housemates are facing the same problem? Let them also submit a repair request for themselves.

When are they going to fix it? 

Your request will be forwarded to an external repair line. They know how it works with the SSH, and will contact the right contractor. The contractor will call you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Please make sure to be available by phone after filing a repair request! You’ll see the status of your request by clicking on the button above. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to schedule an appointment with you, for example if you filed a request for a general area of the building. In this case, it’s not necessary for you to stay at home to open the door for the technician - that's why you don't hear anything. Have you filed a repair request for your own living space, but haven't heard from a contractor after five working days? Then please contact us and we will check the status of your request.

Please make sure to be available by phone
after filing a repair request!

Somebody came by but it's broken again.  

We understand you're not happy with this. Could you please file a repair request again via My SSH? Sorry for the inconvenience! 

My repair request has been rejected. Why?

Has your repair request been rejected? Then it’s probably a repair that comes for your own account. You can find more information about this in our onderhouds-ABC. Do you assume that your request was wrongly rejected? Then contact us.

Help, I lost my key! 

Did you lose your key or did you lock yourself out? On My SSH, tab My accommodation you'll read what to do. 

What's covered by the contents insurance?

Is something damaged, and is the contents insurance included in your rental price? Make sure to report the damage to our insurer ‘Raetsheren van Orden’ within three days. You can call them at 072-5414151. Make sure to have policy number 990-246577 at hand. Here you can find the policy conditions, and here you can find a summery. It's on My SSH as well. The insurer will further discuss the claim settlement with you.