Looking for housing outside the SSH

Don't have enough registration time to rent a room through SSH? Are you no longer studying and can't you find housing with a youth contract? Are you a Short Stay tenant who wants to live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Or does your youth contract expire and do you need to look for other housing? Below you will find some suggestions. Realize that for some organizations/platforms you have to build up registration time, just like with us. 

  • In general: 
    • https://hospihousing.com/nl/
  • Rotterdam
    • https://www.woonnetrijnmond.nl 
    • https://www.stadswonenrotterdam.nl
    • https://www.woneninrotterdam.nl
  • Utrecht
    • https://www.woningnetregioutrecht.nl/ 
  • Amersfoort
    • https://www.woningneteemvallei.nl/ 
  • Zwolle
    • https://www.dewoningzoeker.nl/
    • https://www.deltawonen.nl/
  • Tilburg
    • https://www.woninginzicht.nl/
    • https://www.klikvoorkamers.nl/
  • Groningen
    • https://www.woningnetgroningen.nl/
    • https://www.room.nl/

How to avoid scams?

In addition to the above websites, rooms and houses are of course also offered via Facebook and Marktplaats. Not all platforms are managed carefully; therefore, be alert to fake ads! Here are some practical tips: 

  • Always check out a room before signing the rental agreement.  
  • Some rooms are (illegally) sublet. If the landlord finds out, you may have to leave your room immediately. If you are in doubt about who owns the room, you can find out via the 'Kadaster' for a small fee. 
  • Check if the keys to your room works properly before transferring money.  
  • Check whether you can register at this address. If you can't, there is often something wrong. 
  • Pressuring people is a tactic scammers often use. For example, "if you don't sign today, I'll rent the room to someone else." 
  • Never pay cash or transfer money to a foreign account number. 
  • Does the offer seem too good to be true? Then it probably is.