Internet | IBB (higher towers), Kariboestraat, Reestraat (Utrecht), Hatta (Rotterdam)

This page is only for tenants of IBB (higher towers), Kariboestraat, Reestraat (Utrecht), Hatta (Rotterdam). 

Your specific situation: 

Your accommodation is equipped with a CPE; A CPE is sometimes also referred to as a router. CPE means Customer Premises Equipment. Please note: do not take the CPE off the wall!

I cannot connect to the Internet. What should I do?

If you can’t connect to the Internet, the LEDs on the CPE will tell you immediately whether your connection is working correctly.

  • If the Power (U), uplink (<>) and Internet (@) lights are permanently on, the LAN ports should be working correctly.
  • In addition, if the Wi-Fi light is on, your Wi-Fi connection should also work.
  • If the uplink or Internet lights are flashing, there is a problem. Check if the network cable is connected in the right way, or try another network cable between the outlet and the SSHnet port.
  • If the power light is off, make sure the power adapter is plugged in.
  • If the uplink light is off, make sure the network cable is connected to the SSHnet outlet. 
  • If the Internet light is off, reboot the CPE. To reboot the CPE, unplug the power adapter from the socket, wait one minute and plug it back in. Then press and hold the reset button on the CPE for at least ten seconds. Usually, the reset button is located inside a hole in the side of the CPE. Use a wooden skewer or a similar object to press the button. You can release the button as soon as all the LEDs have flashed twice. Wait a few minutes for the CPE to reset. It should automatically start up again. The LEDs on the front of the CPE will light up continuously again.

Is the CPE still giving an error? Send an email to 

If the LED for the “SSHnet” port fails to turn green, the CPE is not connected to the SSHnet outlet. In that case, please do the following: make sure you’re using a type Cat5e or Cat6a network cable of sufficient length. Connect one end of the cable to the SSHnet outlet in the wall (it should click into place). Connect the other end of the cable to the CPE port labelled “SSHnet”. The LED for his relevant port should now turn green. Not sure? Please contact us via

My Wi-Fi signal has become very weak all of a sudden. Why is that?

Like most routers, the CPEs from the SSH are dual-band routers. This means you can connect devices using the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. A CPE using the default setting will show two SSIDs, one of which has the “5GHz” suffix. If this is not indicated on your CPE, it probably isn’t suitable for 5GHz Wi-Fi.

A poor Wi-Fi signal is usually caused by interference from other nearby CPEs. The solution could be to start using 5GHz Wi-Fi instead of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. The reason why we recommend this is that 2.4GHz Wi-Fi really only has three usable channels due to the overlap between the channels, i.e. channels 1, 6 and 11. Aside from that, other equipment (such as microwave ovens) may be causing interference. 5GHz Wi-Fi uses more channels and is faster.

If switching to 5GHz Wi-Fi doesn’t help, sometimes resetting your CPE may help. Press and hold the reset button on the front of the CPE until all LEDs have flashed twice. This can take more than 20 seconds! Wait a few minutes for the CPE to reset. It should automatically start up again.

If your Wi-Fi signal is poor, an alternative may be to connect your computer or laptop to the CPE using a network cable. If your computer only has USB ports but no network connection, you can buy an Ethernet-to-USB adapter. This will allow you to connect your computer or laptop using a network cable. 

The TV in my room has no image or shows an error

If you have a CPE from Genexis and are connected to SSHnet, you should also have a set-top box (STB). The STB should be connected to LAN port 4 on the CPE using a network cable. This port has “TV” printed above it. Connect the TV with the STB using an HDMI cable. No image? Check if the TV is on the right HDMI channel. Do you see an error or SSH image, check if the STB is connected to LAN port 4 (with 'TV' on it). If that's the case and the error keeps returning, switch the CPE and STB off for a minute, switch the CPE on again and - after seven minutes - switch the STB on again. 

I've been quarantined. What does that mean?

The reason for imposing a quarantine is usually that a system behind your CPE or other router is infected with malware. Sometimes, you can see a special message for your connection at the top of the quarantine page. There is no way for us to know which system in your room is infected, because we can only “see” the connection from the CPE or router to SSHnet. In any case, make sure the malware is removed. Once the malware has been removed, click the yellow button at the bottom right of the quarantine page (which says “Exit quarantine” (“Verlaat quarantaine”)). After clicking this button, it will take approximately 30 minutes for the system to release the connection. You should do this with the browser on a computer or laptop; it usually doesn’t work with a phone. 

If you are unable to clean your system with antivirus software, reinstall your system from scratch. If you are unable solve this issue, use the web form at the bottom of the quarantine page to contact the helpdesk. This way, the helpdesk will immediately see which connection is involved. Note: If we detect that you are being quarantined more often, we may block the option to remove yourself from quarantine.