Internet | Robert Baelde, Erasmus International House, 't Leidsche Veem, Caland II, d'Blaauwe Molen, Overhoningen, Pand de Vries (Rotterdam)

This page is only for tenants of Robert Baelde, Erasmus International House, 't Leidsche Veem, Caland II, d'Blaauwe Molen, Overhoningen, Pand de Vries (Rotterdam). 

Your specific situation:

You can connect a router yourself in your room. Make sure that it is a router (and not an access point or repeater, etc.) and that the router is connected to the network via the WAN port. In some rooms there are two connections; one of them is for the intercom system. You cannot connect to the internet with it.

I cannot connect to the internet. What should I do?

You can do two things: perform a cross-test or perform a test with a laptop. Note: If you are living in the Hatta building, you will have a CPE and you will not be able to perform a test by plugging a laptop into the outlet. In that case, you can only a perform a cross-test with the CPE. 

To check whether your connection is still working, if your own laptop does not have a network connection, it may be useful to perform a cross-test. This is because the SSHnet wall outlet does not tell you whether it’s working or not. Performing a cross-test means that you connect your router to the network of one of your neighbours to see if it works there. Connect your neighbour’s router to your own outlet. If your laptop does not have a network connection, check your Wi-Fi settings very carefully to see which router you are connecting to, so as not to draw any wrong conclusions. If possible, use a roommate’s laptop of which you are certain that it works correctly. Checking whether the router does or doesn’t work there will tell you whether the router is broken or whether there is a problem with the connection. If there is a connection problem, please send an email to

You can also test the connection with a laptop that is connected to the outlet with a cable, provided it has a network connection. If you do this, make sure that the laptop’s connection is working correctly by also testing the laptop on the outlet of a neighbour or roommate. Connect this laptop to outlet using the network cable. Turn off Wi-Fi on this computer, so that you are sure that the laptop works via the network cable.

If this laptop is working correctly, then your SSHnet-outlet is working correctly. If this laptop does not work either, first try another network cable between the router and the outlet. If the laptop does work, then your cable is damaged. In that case, the solution is simple: buy a new cable.

If your neighbour’s or roommate’s laptop does not work either (and you are sure it does work with another SSHnet-outlet), please send an email to

Did you have your own router connected to the SSHnet outlet? In that case, the network port may be temporarily disabled because the router was causing network problems. The port will not be reactivated until four hours later. This means you should wait at least four hours before continuing the cross-test.

I've been quarantined. What does that mean?

The reason for imposing a quarantine is usually that a system behind your CPE or other router is infected with malware. Sometimes, you can see a special message for your connection at the top of the quarantine page. There is no way for us to know which system in your room is infected, because we can only “see” the connection from the CPE or router to SSHnet. In any case, make sure the malware is removed. Once the malware has been removed, click the yellow button at the bottom right of the quarantine page (which says “Exit quarantine” (“Verlaat quarantaine”)). After clicking this button, it will take approximately 30 minutes for the system to release the connection. You should do this with the browser on a computer or laptop; it usually doesn’t work with a phone. 

If you are unable to clean your system with antivirus software, reinstall your system from scratch. If you are unable solve this issue, use the web form at the bottom of the quarantine page to contact the helpdesk. This way, the helpdesk will immediately see which connection is involved. Note: If we detect that you are being quarantined more often, we may block the option to remove yourself from quarantine.