Internet | Opaal, Alexander Numankade, Predikherenstraat (Utrecht), Upsilon, Winschoterdiep, Plutolaan and Libertas (Groningen)

This page is only for tenants of the Opaal, Alexander Numankade 1, Predikherenstraat 19A (Utrecht), Upsilon, Winschoterdiep, Plutolaan and Libertas (Groningen). 

Your accommodation is equipped with wifi via eduroam or publicroam. You should only use publicroam if you cannot use eduroam, because of limitations. If you have any problems, send an email to including the answers to these questions:

Personal details: 

  • Name
  • Address including room number and residence
  • Phone number
  • Username (not your password!) of the eduroam or publicroam account

Please tell us about your problem: 

  • What's the problem? 
    • There's no wifi, poor wifi signal (speed test?), does it take l?
    • Does this issue occus on only one device or on all of your devices?
    • Do you know if there are similar complaints from other residents?
  • What kind of device do you use?
    • Laptop, tablet, smart phone
    • Brand and (if applicable) type