This article only applies to Long Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Can I sublet my accommodation?

You can sublet your accommodation, unless you are a Short Stay tenant. However, you are obliged to register your subletting with us via My SSH. please note that it's not allowed to rent your room or apartment through Airbnb (or a similar website)! We check this structurally. 

Requirements subletting:

  • You can sublet your accommodation for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 months.
  • Your rental agreement has not been canceled.
  • You do not have any rent arrears.
  • You recruit a subtenant yourself. If you’re renting with a campus contract, your subtenant must also be a student.
  • The rent you charge to your subtenant is equal to your gross rent, possibly supplemented with associated housing costs such as heating, water, electricity and taxes and levies. For additional costs (for example for the use of your contents) you may charge a maximum of €20,-. This amount is based on the sales value of (second-hand) items that can be found in a student house. 
  • Do you want to sublet your accommodation again? This is only allowed 12 months after the end of the previous subletting period. If your subtenant will leave before the announced end date, you're allowed to recruit a new subtenant.
  • You can extend the subletting period during the term to the maximum term of 12 months.
  • The sublet only takes effect if your request has been confirmed by the SSH.
  • The subtenant is aware of, and agrees with the fact that his personal data will be shared with the SSH.
  • You can register your subtenant via tab 'Sublet' on My SSH.

I don't see a tab 'Sublet'

Unfortunately, not all tenants currently have access to this functionality in My SSH. If you would like to sublet your accommodation, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following details of your subtenant: their initials, first name, surname, date of birth, email address, telephone number, and the duration of the subletting period (up to a maximum of 12 months).

How does a temporary rental agreement looks like? 

This is an example of a temporary rental agreement. 

Can I continue receiving rental allowance?

Yes, that's possible. Have a look at this page

Can my subtenant register at my address? 

A subtenant can register at your address. Do not forget to inform the Tax Authorities that you have a subtenant. This has no consequences for your rental allowance, even if the subtenant would also register at your address. As a tenant you may continue receiving rental allowance, and you can settle this yourself with your subtenant.

I’ve got a gap year. Is it allowed to sublet my room?

Yes, that’s allowed! But keep in mind the following: if you have requested a gap year for the campus check, we will formally terminate your rental agreement on 30 November. You can find more information on this page.

Does a subtenant get priority?

Do you sublet your accommodation? In that case, your subtenant will unfortunately not be given priority if you, as the actual tenant, cancel your rental contract during the subletting period. The room or house simply appears in our rental offer, and everyone can apply for it, including the subtenant. In addition to the subtenant, other house hunters also have a chance to become the new housemate.