Rental allowance

This article only applies for Long Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Can I get rental allowance? 

You can apply for rental allowance if the rent you pay is too high in relation to your income. You can calculate your eligibility for such on this page. While it’s almost always possible to receive rental allowance for houses, this doesn’t always apply to rooms. If no rental allowance is possible, we will reflect this in the ad. Unfortunately, occupants of furnished Short Stay rooms are not eligible for rental allowance. 

You can apply for rental allowance if you’re under 23 years of age and your basic rent + shared service costs are between €226.67 and €454.47 per month (rent limits 2024). If you are 23 years or older, your basic rent + shared service costs must be between €226.67 and €879.66 per month (rent limits 2024). The basic rent + shared service costs are called 'rekenhuur' in Dutch. The following service costs are included in the 'rekenhuur': electricity general area, caretaker and cleaning of the general area.  

I've got a subtenant. Can I continue receiving rental allowance?

Please inform the Tax and Customs Administration that you have a subtenant. This has no consequences for your rent allowance, even if the subtenant would also register at your address. As a tenant, you will continue receiving rental allowance, and you can settle this yourself with your subtenant. The Tax Authorities can only grant housing allowance once per address.

My rent has been increased. Am I still eligible for rental allowance?

On July 1st of each year, we adjust rent rates, typically in accordance with the inflation rate. You will receive a notification regarding the rent adjustment before May 1st. If the rent increase causes your rent to exceed the housing allowance threshold set by the tax authorities, but you were receiving housing allowance for your room before, then you will still be eligible for housing allowance. The tax authorities refer to this as 'verworven recht' (aquired rights). See the website from the tax authorities for more information.

Can I get rental discount?

In addition to rental allowance, The SSH offers temporary rent reduction to young people under the age of 23 with high rent. With the temporary rent reduction, you can then qualify for rental allowance. Do you quality for rental discount? Then you don't need to do anything, your rent price will automatically be adjusted with the rent reduction if you meet the following conditions:

  • you are younger than 23 years of age
  • you rent a self-contained living space or a room with rental allowance, that is owned by the SSH. TalentSquare (Tilburg) and Talentenplein 408-523 (Zwolle) are an exception; These buildings are not owned by the SSH, but you can get rental discount.
  • and you have a rental contract with a 'rekenhuur' above €454.47 (price level 2024).