Living together

This article only applies to Long Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Living together, is that allowed? 

You’re allowed to live together if you

  • rent a room larger than 40 m2, and all your housemates agree;
  • rent a studio larger than 30 m2 (excluding bathroom, kitchen and toilet);
  • or rent a house with two or more rooms.

Do always ask us for permission first! Once approved, your co-habitant can register with the municipality. Please note: he/she does not receive any rental rights. You can arrange these rights for both parties by applying for co-tenancy, but to do so, you must have been living together for one full year (with permission from the SSH).

What happens to the rent?

If you are going to live together, you'll pay the same rent. Keep in mind that if gas/water/electricity is included in the rental price, you will probably use more together than alone. This may affect the settlement or service costs.