Registration for Long Stay

This article only applies for Long Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

What does it cost? 

Registration, which is possible as soon as you turn 16, costs €20 This is a one-time fee, you don't have to pay an annual fee with the SSH.

Do I have to be studying when I register? 

It's not necessary to study already! In fact, it is wise to register in advance: before you start your education. This way, you are already collecting registration years before attending university! 

Do I have to study in the city where I'm living?

No, you don't necessarily have to study in the city where you're going to live.

In which cities is the SSH located? 

Your Long Stay registration is valid in Utrecht (including Zeist), Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Zwolle and Tilburg. During your registration, we'll ask to indicate where you expect to live. After completing your registration, you are more than welcome to apply to accommodation in other SSH-cities as well - your answer here won’t cause you any limitations. Please keep in mind that you need registration time; the longer you’ve been registered with us, the more likely you are to be invited to an introduction night or viewing. You may also see studios in Groningen, but these are only intended for University College Groningen students and international PhD students. 

Up to what age can I register with the SSH?

In most cases you cannot be older than 27 years to register. A maximum registration age of 32 years only applies to PhD students in Tilburg and Groningen. The age up to which you are allowed to rent your current room or living space depends on until what age you are studying and/or what your income is. If you are not renting a room or house with us at the age of 30, we will deregister you. For PhD students in Tilburg and Groningen the age of deregistration is 35. Are you a tenant with us at that time? Then you will have to prove that you meet our rental conditions. By the way, we need to save tenants details for up to seven years after the last rental period. 

You don't necessarily have to study
 in the city where you're going to live.

Will my registration time continue?

Your registration time will continue even when you rent a room.

Can I also register if I'm studying at the MBO or part-time?

Yes, you can also register as an MBO or part-time student! Please note that when allocating accommodation, we ask for proof of income. In contrast to full-time students, we cannot assume that you earn less than 47,699 euros (income limit 2024) per year for MBO and part-time students.

What are the requirements for my (future) educational institution?

To be eligible for an SSH room/apartment with campus contract, your education must be authorized. Please have a look at the Central Register of Higher Education Programs or the Central Register of Professional Education (CREBO) DUO keeps this lists updated. 

We accept all education programs listed 
in DUO's CROHO- and CREBO register.

How long does it take to get a Long Stay room? 

That is a very logical question, to which unfortunately we cannot give a simple answer. It differs per city, per building and per type of living space. The longer you are registered, the bigger chance you have of receiving an invitation to an introduction evening or a viewing after you have responded to an advertisement in our rental offer. In order to give you an idea of the chances, we provide an indication of the required registration time on this page. Please note: our estimate is based on statistics of the past years. You can not derive any rights from it! It is possible - for example due to peak pressure in the summer and at the beginning of the academic year - that the final numbers are higher than the indication.

What's my registration time? 

When you log in to My SSH, go to 'My details' and 'Personal information'. There you will find your registration date and the number of weeks or months that you have been registered with us. In our rental offer, you will immediately see your position in comparison to the other students who respond to an ad. Please note that this position could change until the ad closes.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

No, unfortunately someone else is not allowed to take over your registration. 

Is is possible to cancel my registration?

If you cancel your registration within 14 days and didn’t react to our rental offer yet, we will reimburse your registration fee. Did you already use your registration by responding to one or more ads in our rental offer, or did the 14-day term pass? In that case, you will not be able to apply for reimbursement.  

I have a Short Stay registration. Can I add Long Stay to my Short Stay account?

If you have a Short Stay account, you can add a Long Stay registration on My SSH by logging in and selecting the 'My details' tab. Scroll down and click 'Add Long Stay registration' to activate Long Stay after paying the registration fee. Please note that although there's an age restriction for Long Stay registration, if you're older than 27 and have a Short Stay account first, you can still register for Long Stay. However, if you're older than 27, you won't be able to rent a room for Long Stay.