What should I do if I experience nuisance?

If you are bothered by your roommates or neighbors, it is understandable that this can affect your living pleasure. First, try to talk to each other about it. Describe from your perspective what you are experiencing and how it affects you. Identify concrete solutions that are feasible for all parties. If you really can't come to a solution together, then contact us. We will then see what we can do for you.

If there is severe nuisance, such as excessive noise from a party, we advise calling the police if addressing those responsible has not had any effect.

What if I have caused nuisance?

We certainly hope that you have not caused any nuisance and will continue to be SSH's favorite tenant. However, it is important to understand the potential consequences of causing nuisance. Depending on the nature of the nuisance, we may need to work together (with your roommates) to find ways to limit it. If we receive reports that the nuisance has not been addressed or limited, there may be consequences, such as not receiving a positive landlord statement in the future.

Is there camera surveillance?

To guarantee the safety of residents in the larger complexes, we have taken a number of measures. Think, for example, of lockable stairwells and good lighting. In some complexes, camera surveillance is also present. Is there damage, theft, or another incident in your complex? And do you expect that our camera footage can provide clarity? Then follow these steps:

1. Check in My SSH if there are cameras installed in your complex. This can be found under 'My accommodation'.

2. Report the incident to the police. They will create a report and indicate whether camera footage is desired to provide clarity about the circumstances.

3. Have you filed a report? Contact us within three days - due to the limited storage time of the footage - and request the date, time, and duration of the desired footage. We will let you know within three working days whether we will fulfill your request. Only the police can request footage to view.

With a view to the protection of the privacy of residents and visitors, SSH has drawn up the 'Camera Surveillance' protocol. This protocol includes a description of the practical implementation of camera surveillance, among other things. You can find this protocol on My SSH, provided you live in a complex where camera surveillance is present.