Rental payments for Short Stay

This article only applies to Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

When should I pay my rent?

You will pay your rent in advance. This means that we must receive your payment on the first day of each month if you chosen manual payment. If you pay by direct debit, the rent will be debited on the first working day of the month. So make sure there are enough funds on your account that day!  However, how much months you’d need to pay depends on your the type of accommodation you’ve booked and the duration of your contract. 

  • Students staying for one semester in a room: you've already paid for the first and last months during booking. The remaining months need to be paid all at once upon arrival. You will receive an invoice shortly after you have arrived.
  • Students staying for two semesters in a room: you've paid for the first month and the last period in advance during booking. The remaining months will be invoiced monthly.
  • Students, PhD candidates, and Guests in self-contained apartments: monthly rent payment will be invoiced each month.

Why do I need to pay my rent all at once?

If you're a short stay tenant staying for one semester, we ask you to pay the remaining months at once upon arrival. We reserve accommodation in agreement with your University, so they can guarantee housing for their students. In exchange, we ask for three months of rent in advance during the booking and the remaining months of rent upon arrival to prevent and minimize rent arrears of the reserved accommodation. 

Please note the following: you might get the invoice for the remaining months before you arrive, depending on your start date. We send invoices on the 20th of each month for the next rental payment. For example, if your start date is August 26th, you have paid for August 26-31 during booking and get an invoice for the remaining months on August 20th.

How can I pay?

We offer two methods to pay for your rent.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay your rent in cash.

Direct debit
Direct debit is the easiest way, as you won’t have to think about anything. Once you sign your tenancy agreement, you authorize the SSH to automatically debit the rent from your account each month. Around the 20th of each month, we will invoice the rent. If you have direct debit, the payment will appear as 'paid.' On the first of each month, the money will be taken from the authorized account. Note that we cannot withdraw from IBAN accounts from Portugal, Switzerland, Great Britain, or the Czech Republic. If your IBAN is from one of these countries, please choose 'Online payment' as your method of payment.

My SSH payment page
If you prefer to pay your rent via iDeal or creditcard, you can do so on My SSH. Around the 20th of the month, you will receive an automatic reminder to pay for your rent. Your rent must be paid before the 1st of the month.

Which payment method did I choose?

Understandably there's some time between booking and the start of your rental agreement and you cannot remember which payment method you have selected  when reserving your accommodation. You can easily check this by logging on your My SSH, tab 'My Details' and then go to the section 'My payment details'.

Can I change my payment method?

Of course, you can! If you want to change the payment method or check which payment method is applicable to you, please login to My SSH and go to “My payments details”. Please note that change of payment method must be done before the 20th of the month if you want this payment method to be effective on first of the month. If you change the method after the 20th of the month, the payment method will be effective on the following month. For example: if you change your payment method to direct debit on 15 March, the rent payment for April will be paid by direct debit. If you change your payment method to direct debit on 23 March, you will still have to pay via My SSH (online payment) for April, but the rental payment for May will be paid by direct debit.

What if I don't pay on time?

If we don’t receive the rent payment and no arrangement has been set up, we will send you a reminder. Good to know that if you have your payment method set to direct debit, we will only attempt to withdraw the money once. If there's not enough credit in your account, or if, for an unknown reason, the money does not go through, you will receive an automatic reminder around the 10th of the month. We will request that you pay your rent manually via My SSH. If you do not respond or pay after the reminder, we will call in a bailiff. There are costs involved in doing so. The moment we engage a bailiff, he will handle the payment of the arrears with you. Please note: the normal monthly rent payment will continue through us. So you will have to continue to pay your rent every month!

Can I apply for rental allowance?

You can only apply for rental allowance from the Dutch government when you rent a self-contained studio or apartment. This means that you have your own kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom. If you rent a room with a shared bathroom and/or kitchen you are not eligible for rent allowance since you do not meet the criteria set by the government. If you are renting a self-contained studio or apartment, you can check the website of the Tax and Customs Administration to see if you also meet the other criteria (age, income etc.) for rental allowance. If you do, you can find the exact breakdown of your rent in your rental agreement, which you need to finalize your application for rental allowance from the government.

Where to find a payment overview?

On My SSH you can find an overview of your rental bills (tab ‘My payments’). Also the payment status of that (rental) bill is displayed. If a bill is still open, you can easily pay it via the pay button behind it. If you believe one of your transfers is missing, send us a screenshot of the transfer and we will link that to your account for you.

Why is there a difference between the first- and last month during my booking and my monthly rent?

The start and end date of your rental agreement is decided by your educational institution and the rent is calculated per day. The difference is caused depending on which days are considered to be your first and last month, as start and end dates (usually) does not happen on the first or last day of the month.

I paid my rent twice. What to do? 

Depending on your payment method, you can do the following if you have accidentally paid twice:

  • Direct debit: the easiest option would be if you reverse the direct debit. Often this is possible through your online banking application and the money will appear directly on your account again. If this does not work, let us know. We will refund your payment. Please note this refund process can take up to two weeks before you'll receive your rent back.
  • Online payment via My SSH: there are two options that you can do right now. We can use your second rental payment for the next month or we can refund your payment. Please note that if you choose for reimbursement, it may take up to two weeks before you'll receive your rent back. Let us know what you prefer. Please note that if you choose refund, that we will refund the rent back to your credit card account, the one that you have used to make the first payment.