Things to arrange after your arrival

This article only applies for Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Cleaning, inventory and damages

After your arrival, you will officially move into your accommodation. Although we did our best to clean your room and to repair broken things, we could have missed something. Please check if everything is okay! If not, let us know as soon as possible. By reporting missing inventory and/or damages, we will not charge you for this by the end of your stay. 

  • Cleaning: not satisfied with the cleaning of your accommodation? Please send us an email ( with some pictures of the inaccurate cleaning within 24 hours of your arrival. For tenants in Rotterdam, you need to contact the cleaning company directly, see contact details on the doorhanger.
  • Inventory: Fill out the inventory checklist form within 5 days after your arrival. We will gather this information and will bring or replace the missing/damaged inventory in the weeks after. Click here to fill out the form.
  • Damages: any damages other than your inventory? Please let us know via My SSH, tab 'Repair request'.
  • Wifi: problems with your wifi? Please have a look at You'll find the answer on common problems, or contact details in case you don't have access to SSHnet.

How can I report damaged or broken inventory?

After your arrival, please complete the inventory checklist within 5 days. This form will help you identify any items that are present, damaged, or missing in your room. Once you submit the form, we will promptly bring or replace the items that are missing or damaged within the following weeks. However, please be aware that due to a high workload and occasionally long delivery time of the inventory, it may take some time before your missing or damaged inventory can be replaced.

After you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation and a summary of your answers. If you have accidentally missed an inventory item, don't worry! You can simply re-submit the form, and we will delete your previous submission.

Note the following when you fill out the form:

  • Please use the exact information (first name, surname, e-mail address) you used during the booking process. 
  • After filling out the form, you must receive a confirmation right away. Haven't you received an e-mail? It could be that you made a mistake in the e-mail address, so please fill out the form again and check the spelling.
  • If you resubmit the form, make sure to use the exact same e-mail address again.

Click here to fill out the inventory checklist. For other repair issues that is not inventory, see this article.

Registration at the Municipality

Every international student who will stay in the Netherlands for four months or longer, has to register at the Municipality. For this you need your rental agreement (in Dutch: huurcontract), which you can find on My SSH. To download your rental agreement on your mobile, tilt your phone horizontally to reveal the download button. Please print it out yourself! A manual signature on your contract is not required. The municipalities know your rental agreement is accepted online. In some cities, you also need a tenancy agreement to register at the municipality. If so, you can find the attachment in your rental agreement.  Please note that the tenancy agreement is only valid for three months.

Someone else is registered at my address

If the previous tenant is still registered at your address, then you may face issues with registering at the Municipality or when you try to apply for rental allowance. In case this happens, you can contact us, and we will get in touch with the previous tenant to request them to deregister from your address.

Is the tap water drinkable? 

Yes, it is! You can drink the water from the kitchen and bathroom safely. 

Where can I buy a bike?

In the Netherlands, everyone loves to cycle! Do you want to buy a bike? You could try a second hand bike shop in the city, or go to and rent a bike for a couple of months.

I receive mail from previous tenants

If you receive mail from the previous occupants, it's best to return the mail to the sender. We do not forward mail to the previous resident. You can follow the steps below to return the mail: 1) cross out the address details, 2) write ‘Recipient unknown - Return to sender' on the envelope, 3) place the mail in the nearest mailbox, a postage stamp is not required.