Short Stay Student - bed A (full year)

This article only applies to Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Short Stay is a housing option specifically for new incoming international students. It offers fully furnished rooms to students whose educational institutions have reserved housing with us. At Proxima in Groningen, students can book a single room for the entire year (bed A), with the possibility of having an emergency housing student during peak periods at the start of the academic year. If you choose a room at Proxima, you may share it with an emergency housing student (Bed B) for up to 4 months, receiving a nearly 50% rental discount during this period.

I have booked the first bed (bed A), am I considered an emergency housing student?

No, if you have booked bed A in Proxima, you're considered a short stay tenant rather than an emergency housing student. Therefore, the regular terms and conditions for short stay tenants apply to you. 

How does the discount work? 

During the period when you have a roommate, you'll receive a rental discount of almost 50%. This discount is applicable if the second bed in your room is booked by an emergency housing student. The duration of the discount is tied to your roommate's stay. Please note that you will not receive the discount immediately after your roommate has left: we'll settle the discount in December or January. 

I read about a phone key, how does that work?

All doors at Proxima feature iLOQ digital locks, accessible via the iLOQ S50 app on your smartphone, we call these digital locks  'phone keys'. Access is granted from your contract start time (2:00 pm) to the end of your rental agreement (10:00 am). Make sure to install your phone key prior to arrival. Instructions and more information on phone keys are available on this page.

Can I choose my own roommate? 

That is not possible. The emergency housing beds (bed B) will be advertised on our offer page and can be booked by any student (from the same gender) with an approved registration. 

I don’t want a roommate.

We understand your preference, but emergency housing arrangements involve shared temporary accommodations to maximize available space during peak periods. If you do not want a roommate, we recommend booking a room outside of Proxima. 

Will you notify me if I get a roommate?

Yes, if the bed B has been booked, you will receive a notification right away. 

If my roommate cancels the rent early, will I get a new roommate?

No, if your roommate terminates the contract early, you will not receive a new roommate. 

Can I meet my roommate in advance? 

Due to the Dutch privacy law, we cannot give you your roommate's personal information. However, you can contact us at and give us permission to forward your contact details to your roommate so you may be able to get in touch in advance. 

Can I use the the extra furniture in my room? 

If you don't have a roommate, feel free to use the additional furniture in the room, such as the wardrobe, desk, and chair. However, if you do have a roommate, please ensure to clear your personal belongings from the extra furniture to allow space for your roommate to settle in comfortably. Please note that this doesn't extend to the bed; if you have a roommate, an SSH employee will visit your room to set up the second bed. Likewise, if your roommate leaves, an SSH employee will fold up the second bed again and lock it. 

My roommate is leaving. What are the next steps?

If the rental agreement of your roommate is expiring, your roommate will receive a message from us to plan a pre-check, which happens about two weeks before the end date. During the pre-check, we will inspect the room and assess the cleanliness and overall state of the room and inventory. After the pre-check, we will plan an end inspection, which will be mandatory for you to attend as well. During the end inspection, an SSH employee will also fold up the second bed. 

Do I have to be present during the pre-check and end inspection of my roommate?  

Yes, it's mandatory to be present for the end inspection, but it is advisable to be present at the pre-check, too. During the end inspection, responsibility for the room transitions to the tenant of bed A. Thus, it's crucial to be present to address any potential disputes regarding damages. 

I would like my roommate to stay for the entire year. 

If you have a good connection with your roommate, we understand you want to share the room for the remaining academic year. However, it's important to note that emergency housing is intended as a temporary solution and therefore, we're unable to facilitate longer arrangements.