Mandatory pre-check

This article only applies to Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

How does the departure procedure works?

Approximately 2 months before your end date, we will send you a first reminder of the end of your rental agreement. If you are planning to leave early, or know your departure date in advance, you can go to My SSH, tab 'My Departure' and click on the link to schedule a pre-check appointment. Another reminder of the end of your contract will be sent 4 weeks before your end date. It is mandatory to let us know when you are leaving and you must schedule a pre-check at least 2 weeks before the said end date. 

What's a pre-check?

Your pre-check will be approximately two weeks before the end of your rental agreement. It's your responsibility to make a pre-check appointment. During the pre-check, we will inspect your room and the cleanliness and overall state of the room and inventory. The pre-check only applies to exchange- and degree students with a fixed Short Stay agreement. Living at Kriekenpitplein/Campusplein? The landlady will inform you about this procedure. PhD/Staff with a flexible start- and end date will be informed about their departure in a different procedure. 

How to make an appointment?

Here you can find the pre-check form. It is mandatory to complete the form and inform us of your exact departure time and schedule a pre-check. Please note that the pre-check is not the same as your departure. The pre-check should always be conducted well in advance, allowing you, as the tenant, enough time to address any deficiencies identified during the initial pre-check. Following the pre-check, you are free to leave at any time, provided that you return your keys on the last day of your rental agreement before 10:00 AM. In case of a phone key, we will deactivate your access at 10:00 AM on the last day of your rental agreement. 

How should I prepare for a pre-check?

Please ensure that your room is clean and all inventory is returned to its proper place during the pre-check. You do not have to remove all your personal belongings out of the room, but make sure it's clean and tidy so we can check your room easily. If you do not pass the pre-check, we will schedule a new appointment for a second inspection. We expect your room to be in better condition than during the first pre-check.

There is only one pre-check date available.

In some cases, your Property Manager has chosen to conduct pre-checks on one specific date. This is the only timeframe your Property Manager will conduct a pre-check. During the pre-check, a representative will visit all short stay rooms in your building. It's difficult to determine the exact timing of the Property Manager's visit, as the speed of the pre-checks depends on whether previous rooms have passed inspection.

Do I need to be at home during the pre-check?

Preferably you are present during the pre-check. We understand that due to obligations this is not always possible. You can ask your roommate to be present during the pre-check. If that's not possible, we will do the pre-check without your presence. 

What if I have passed the pre-check?

If you have successfully passed the pre-check, you are free to enjoy the remaining time in your room! You have the flexibility to leave the accommodation whenever you prefer, as long as you return your keys no later than 10:00AM on the final day of your rental agreement. The designated location for key return can be found here. In case of a phone key, we will deactivate your access at 10:00 AM on the last day of your rental agreement. Please ensure that you leave your room in a clean and move-in ready condition when you depart. Additionally, kindly remove all personal belongings from both your room and the shared areas, including the kitchen, shower, and toilet.

What if I fail the pre-check?

If you have not passed the pre-check, we will arrange a new appointment with you. During this appointment, we will reassess the condition of your room or shared facilities. Our employee will provide instructions regarding their expectations for the next inspection. Therefore it is crucial to plan your pre-check well in advance and avoid scheduling it close to your departure date.