Short Stay cancellation

This article only applies for Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

Short Stay booking cancellation VS rent cancellation

With the SSH, we differentiate between cancellation of a Short Stay booking and the cancellation of a Short Stay rental agreement. These two terms refer to distinct stages of the rental process, each with its own set of rules and implications. You can refer to the cancellation flow in order to understand the process. 

  • Cancellation of booking: cancelling of a booking can occur before the start of the rental agreement. It refers to the cancellation of the reservation made for a specific room or self-contained studio.
  • Cancellation of a rental agreement: once the rental agreement has started, any cancellation request will be regarded as a rent cancellation.


Cancellation of booking, how does that work?

The cancellation of a booking can occur before the start of the rental agreement. You can cancel your booking up to four weeks (28 days) before the intended start of your rental period. You can do so by logging in your My SSH, tab 'My bookings'. The first payment minus the cancellation fee (€90,-) and minus the reservation fee (€95,-) will be refunded to the credit card you have used during the booking process. Contact us if you haven’t received the refund after 2 weeks.

If the 4 weeks deadline has passed, cancellation of booking no longer is possible. Then the rules for cancellation of a short stay rental agreement apply.

Rent cancellation, how does that work?

Studio or apartment
Do you rent a studio or apartment? You can terminate your rental agreement before the first day of the month, with a notice period of one calendar month. To cancel the rent yourself, log on to My SSH page and click on 'Rent Cancellation'. Make sure to do this before the first day of the month if you want to end your rental agreement the following month. For example, if you cancel your rental agreement on the 31st of March, your termination will be effective on the 30th of April. If you cancel your rental agreement on the 1st of April, it will be effective on the 31st of May.

Do you rent a room? Unfortunately, it's not possible to terminate your rental agreement. Please have a look at the Terms & Conditions (article 2.7 and 11) for more information. Exceptional circumstances are death, serious illness or a serious accident of students or first/second degree family members, the unforeseen refusal to grant or the withdrawal of the necessary visa by the proper authorities or a negative binding study advice on continuation of studies. In case of this, please contact your (educational) institution first. They have to make a claim for termination of your rental agreement. After termination of the rental agreement as described in the Terms & Conditions, SSH will terminate your rental agreement, with a notice period of one full month. That means your rental agreement remains until the last day of the next month.

How can I contact my educational institution in case of cancellation? 

If you meet the outlined criteria for cancellation as stipulated in the Terms & Conditions, you need to contact your University for a cancellation request. They will check if you meet the outlined criteria. If you meet the criteria for cancellation, your (educational) institution will inform the SSH about your cancellation. Here below you can find how to contact your (educational) institution:

  • Utrecht University:
  • Hogeschool Utrecht:
  • HKU University of Arts Utrecht:
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam: Note that after contacting EUR, you also need to fill out EUR’s cancellation form
  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences:
  • Hanzehogeschool Groningen: 
  • University of Groningen:
  • Windesheim University of Applied Science:
  • Tilburg University:

I do not meet the terms and conditions, can I still cancel my rental agreement?

If you don't meet the outlined terms for cancellation, you may be able to find a new tenant to take over the rental agreement. Please note that the replacement tenant needs to meet certain criteria in order to take over your rental agreement.

What are the criteria for finding a replacement tenant

You can find a replacing tenant that meets the following conditions:

  • the student must have an approved registration with us, for the exact same period. Note that approval of the registrations are done by your University;
  • the student should be the same type of student (bachelor, master, exchange). So you cannot for instance find a PhD student if you are an exchange student;
  • If you are sharing your room with a roommate, this person needs to be of the same gender
  • The student may not have lived with the SSH before under a Short Stay contract.

Furthermore, please consider the following when you find a new tenant:

  • Find a replacement tenant is only possible for two or more remaining months of your rental agreement. You cannot find a replacement tenant if you have one more month left of your rental agreement.
  • The replacing tenant will receive a new contract, meaning that the rental price could be higher than what you are paying. We adjust rent during the year, the new rent will apply when a new contract is signed. 
  • If the rental agreement is shorter than 6 months, tax fee will apply. Tax fee is a one-time fee, which amounts to 9% of the total to be paid rent, which needs to be paid during the first-payment
  • You need to arrange key handover with the new tenant.
  • You need to pay a cancellation fee of €90,- when finding a replacement tenant.

I have found a replacing tenant. What are the next steps?

Make sure your replacement tenant has an approved registration with us for the same period as you. If the replacing tenant does not have an approved registration yet, please inform that person to register as soon as possible. See this page on how to register for Short Stay.

Have you found a replacement tenant with the right approved registration? You can contact us on Please inform us the name and registered e-mail address of the replacement tenant. 

Is it possible to extend my rental agreement?

Unfortunately, extending your Short Stay rental agreement is not possible. You're allowed to have one Short Stay contract with us. It is also not possible to stay in your room a few days longer after your contract has ended.