Things to arrange before your arrival

This article only applies to Short Stay. Click here to find more information about the difference between Long Stay and Short Stay housing.

What's my address?

You might want to use your SSH address for any preparations. Your SSH address is at the first page of your rental agreement. You can find your rental agreement on My SSH, tab 'My documents'. Here's a clear format for writing addresses in the Netherlands:

Recipient namePiet Janssen
Street name + house number + room number (if applicable)Kerklaan 22 k3
Postal code + city1234 PW Groningen

If applicable, your room number is indicated by the letter ‘k’. In the example above, your room number is 3. The address stated in your rental agreement is also the address you can use to deliver mail and packages. Please note that you cannot send packages to this address before the start date of your rental agreement.

Do I need to bring bed sheets?

We provide a bedding package which consists of a duvet, pillow, covers and fitted sheet (please note: no towels!). You can order the bedding package while finalizing the booking of your room. In case you are interested in booking a package but did not buy one while finalizing your booking, you can order this yourself via My SSH. This is possible up to four weeks prior to the start date of your rental agreement. Within four weeks before the start of the rental agreement, we have to order the packages with our supplier, so we are not able to add them to your booking anymore. In that case, it is best to get a set yourself when you arrive. There are multiple shops that have these items on offer for rather similar prices (Action, Blokker, HEMA, IKEA etc.). You'll find the exact size of your bed in the inventory list which is on My SSH, tab 'My accommodation'. 

What kind of inventory is in my room?

At My SSH, tab 'My accommodation', you'll find an inventory list where you can see what's included in your accommodation and kitchen. Besides that, you'll find information about washing machines, garbage disposal, the bike shed etc.  

Who are my future housemates?

Due to privacy regulations set up by the Dutch government, we cannot tell you who will be your future housemate(s). But during the booking process, you'll see the possibility to agree with sharing your contact details with your future housemate(s). We'll share this information if they ask us to contact you. Besides that, we have a few Facebook groups where (future) housemates can meet. We'll inform you about this before your arrival.